Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Secret’s Sunhwa celebrates her birthday

hehe..walaupun die blur2 dlm invincible youth..but i olls ske dgt tgk die..sweetla die ngan mate sepet die tue..pastue muke die chanteks..lam group pon mcm kinyut jeks die..huhuhu..(diorg mmg kinyut je kan sume..hihi :P jelesh!!!)..hehe..anyways, HAPPY BURTZDAY DEAR SUNHWA!!!! :)

Secret threw a surprise birthday party for their member, Han Sunhwa recently.

Member JiEun uploaded a picture of Sunhwa on her minihompy on the 6th. JiEun wrote, “Today is Sunhwa’s birthday. After our schedule, we had a birthday party. We threw her the party as soon as she woke up from the car and she gave us a big surprised reaction. Thanks!”

Happy birthday to Sunhwa who turns 20 on October 6th!

**thanks alkpop!! :)