Monday, October 4, 2010

"Playful Kiss Kim Hyun Joong is passionate about acting; he never puts the script down."

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reporter Cheong YeongJin @ Review Star

MBC's Wednesday/ Thursday's drama minseries Playful Kiss KHJ is causing fire with his acting skills.

On the 30th, pictures of KHJ rehearsing was released to the public and has drawn a lot of interest. In the pictures that were released showed KHJ reading his lines even during break time and practicing his lines with Oh HaNi, played by Jung SoMin, is working very hard.

In the Playful Kiss, KHJ plays the role of a insensitive and rude character who little by little changes for Oh HaNi (Jung SoMin). KHJ undressed himself from the warm character in his role as Yoon JiHo in Boys over Flowers and became Baek SeungJo who is a insensitive and cold character in the Playful Kiss, has been getting many praises for his role in the as Baek SeungJo because he has done an successful job at drawing out his character.

According to the drama shooting team, "KHJ works harder than anyone else. Not only does he come prepared with his lines, but he never puts his script down and works very hard." Furthermore, "KHJ always comes with a bright attitude and makes the atomosphere more lively." The praises were endless.

According to KHJ's representing agency KeyEast, "Even though KHJ is only able to sleep for two to three hours because of the tight filming schedule, he is always thankful for the supporting words from his fans and is trying his best to be the best actor that he can be " and also continued to say, "as much as everyone is supporting Playful Kiss, KHJ and the staff are working very hard so please continue with your love and interest in the upcoming episodes."

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