Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yuri feels pressured by the focus on SNSD’s legs

huhu..pasal kaki pon u olls nak wisau ke Yuri??we olls nie mcm2 nak wisau ha..hahaha..lek jeks..jgnla gelabah Yuri..daging sket jeks tue..hihihi :P lekla..hihihi :P lom daging cam we olls nie lagik..huhuhu :P (ade daging kah engkau jujue?? :P tulang jeks..hohoho) pasnie nak make up kaki jugakla..upenye diorg make up kaki br nampak chanteks jeks kaki tue.. :P i olls chumeils jeks xmake up kaki tue..keskeskes..jangan mare~~~ :P

SNSD’s Yuri shared her thoughts about the popularity of SNSD’s legs in Japan during her appearance on the November 30th episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart.”

Yuri began by stating, “In Japan, they call us the ‘beautiful legs group’ because they think our legs are beautiful. Honestly though, our legs aren’t that pretty. Only a few of us have nice legs, but they keep the focus point on our legs a lot.”

SNSD’s hit song, “Genie,” was especially popular for its ‘kick’ dance. Their shorts and choreography accentuated and emphasized their long legs, but Yuri explained that the pressure was too much.

All nine of us do not have pretty legs. Sooyoung, Tiffany, and a few others have very nice long legs but the rest of us are either short or thick. My legs, realistically, have a bit of meat on them as well so there’s a lot of pressure when cameras focus on them“, she confessed.

Yuri then revealed the secrets behind managing their legs, “Our legs get more makeup than our faces in order to hide any scars and bruising.”

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MY HEART said...

Salam kenal,

Minat SNSD ek? saya pun minat but only Seo Hyun because she getting married with my crush guy Jung Yonghwa ^_^.

☆aDihAys☆ said...

nk kaki cm soo young...

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

my heart: hehe..saye minat sume jeks..paling minat Kim Hyun Hoong dr SS501.. :)

adihays: yuri da kantoikan they olls pakai makeup kaki tue..hihihi..