Monday, December 6, 2010

Hwang Bo was proposed to by a wealthy heir?

wowww!!!!Hwangbo nie something jugakla..tatao nape but i olls suker die..mcm ade kelainan kat muke die k!!!sbb die xmuke mcm otha korean gurl kn??? :) even die jadik wife Hyun Joong dlm WGM pon i olls xkesah..she's HOWT K!!!

During her appearance on E Channel’s “Poker Face” on December 4th, singer Hwang Bo confessed that she was once proposed to by an heir of a famous conglomerate.

Hwang Bo revealed, “I was once asked by a famous businessman to consider dating him. He said that he was thinking of marriage and asked me to seriously consider, but due to the sudden proposal, I rejected him.”

Her confession sparked the curiosity of those on the show and netizens alike, with many asking, “I wonder who he is,” “Why did she reject him?,” “She lost the chance to marry rich,” and “Hwang Bo has the presence to capture even rich men.”

Guess the heir figured out that “Money ain’t a thang”, especially if you can’t figure out how to romance women with it.

**Thanks alkpop!!! :)