Thursday, December 2, 2010

T-ara’s Jiyeon had plastic surgery?

nak wat cane kan..yg i olls tao org2 diorg nie mmg ramai wat plastic surgery..baru2 aritue i olls ade bace kat paper yg mengatekan macam dah jadik 1 trend kat Korea parents adiahkan anak2 diorg wat plastic surgery if they passed the exam..ganas kan???we olls kat Mesia nie lao pass exam bawak g makan jeks..xpon bebli gadget2 jeks..they olls siap dpt sponsor nak wat plastic surgery lagi tue..lao i olls kan, i olls tamaola..walau salu ase muke serabut ke pe, tp i olls still ase i olls shumeils!!!!hihihi :P so..sape2 mao wat plastic surgery carik mak n pak angkat Korea eks..t pass exam pat sponsor..hihihi :P

T-ara’s Jiyeon accidentally confessed that she underwent plastic surgery in an unguarded moment during her appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star.”

The topic of discussion was most of the members of T-ara being from some sort of ‘Little Miss Korea’ pageant during their younger years. Eunjung had revealed that she was a ‘Little Miss Korea’ while Co-Ed’s One Light Hyo Young revealed that she was ‘Miss Chunhyang.’

MC Kim Gura went on to ask, “Everyone used to be in pageants. Jiyeon, do you think that you’re the prettiest? After surgery?

Jiyeon responded, “I didn’t do surg-… No, I don’t know.” To the viewers who watched the exchange, they felt that Jiyeon practically admitted to having work done when she didn’t know how to respond.

Hyomin and Eunjung attempted to ameliorate the situation by adding, “She’s smart.” Hyomin also hinted at plastic surgery by stating, “I think I looked better before.”

Jiyeon answered, “I look better now.”

One Light Hyo Young concluded, “I look the same,” causing Hyomin and Jiyeon to glare at her.

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