Thursday, December 16, 2010

f(x)’s Victoria on the possibility of becoming a real couple with 2PM’s Nichkhun

mane g cite artis Korea eks???ilang dah jap dr blog i olls..hehehe :P tadekla..cume mcm tadek yg menarik minat..hihihi :P sbb terindu kat Hyun Joong jadik cam tadek mud..hahaha :P

smlm tgk Lets Go Dream Team kat KBS World kan 2PM dtg jadik jemputan..hehehe..pastue Nickhun kene bagik ucapan kat Victoria..sweet jeks die ckp
'honey..i'll do my u'..aaaaaaaaaaaaa..gegiler r!!!!hehehe..sbb before this pon Victoria yg dtg n die ckp camtue gaks..mmg diorg nie suweeeetttt la..kinyut jeks..Victoria tue suweeettt gaks...mcm sesuai jeks ngan Nickhun sbb muke dedua mcm kanak2..kan si Victoria pon ske wat gaye kanak2 mcm lam Invincible Youth..hehehe..kalaula mrk betol2 kapel..cane eks???hihihi :) siap aritue my mum gelak mase si Victoria mintak maaf nak potong ikan..die kan suke camtue..hihii :)

Fans of the ’Khuntoria’ virtual couple all want these two idols to date for real, and the sentiment exploded after 2PM’s Nichkhun revealed on an earlier episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart“ that he often wanted his time on “We Got Married” to not just be for show. In short, Nichkhun admitted that he would be happy to have Victoria as his girlfriend!

But what are her thoughts on being a real couple with him?

During a recent appearance on “Strong Heart”, Victoria confessed, “Honestly, I’m happy.

When asked about the possibility of her actually dating Nickhun, Victoria replied, “He’s charismatic and has manners, plus he’s handsome. If such a guy were to be your boyfriend, who would say no?”

Yet MC Kang Ho Dong was dissatisfied with her answer, and demanded a straight-forward response. Victoria pouted, ”Oppa, why do you always do things that don’t exist?

The celebrities continued their round of questions by asking whether the two contacted each other outside of “We Got Married” recordings. Victoria answered, “When we’re performing at the same venue, we text each other to be careful on stage,” earning the envy of the rest of the studio.

**source from alkpop!!!thanks alkpop!! :)