Thursday, November 25, 2010

Super Junior’s Sungmin shares thoughts on his acting debut

ayarks...nape skema na si Sungmin nie???hehehe..kelakar kitla..hiks.. :) jgn mare eks... :)

Super Junior’s Sungmin divulged a bit of his thoughts regarding his role in KBS 2TV’s drama, “President“.

Through the drama’s production conference (held on November 25th), Sungmin revealed:

I have previously worked in musicals and one-act plays, but ‘President’ is my first official acting opportunity, making it no different from being my first project. I feel as if I’ve earned a very big inheritance by being able to work with such respectable acting seniors right from the start.

I feel 100 times more pressure because I’m worried about how I should portray my character, who is naive and blind to life’s problems, and acts on impulse and immaturity. Working alongside such talented actors has made me feel that much more pressure, to the point where my hands were shaking on the day of our first filming. My whole body felt congested after our first filming.

To conclude, my body is tired but my heart is joyful. I’m also anticipating the reviews on my new acting career. I hope people will give us their interest.

“President” will air on December 8th.

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