Thursday, November 25, 2010

After School’s Juyeon shows off her pregnant stomach for “Smile, Donghae”

gilerrr r..cane diorg wat die pregnant ah??real those yg tatao..Juyeon nie xkawen lagik k..budak2 lagik..dok huhahuha lam invincible youth tu ha..giler r real!!!!huhuhu..Malaysia salu letak bantal jeks kan..nie siap ade peyut skali...hiks...shumeilssss!!! :P

After School’s Juyeon, who recently debuted as an actor, has been playing the role of a pregnant newlywed on KBS 2TV’s daily drama, “Smile, Donghae.”

The episode that was broadcast on November 24th featured the immature pregnant college student, Yoon Sae Young (Juyeon), doing an advertisement photo shoot for a postnatal care center.

Her mother-in-law unfortunately discovers the advertisements of her belly exposed in a mini-skirt and becomes unable to hide her rage, criticizing her by stating, “You have to think of the baby inside of you, have you ever seen any pregnant women walking around like this? Even animals know how to care for their children, you are less than an animal.”

Yoon Sae Young retorts, “Why? What’s wrong with this? I make money and create memories. Ugly people can’t do this even if they wanted to. This is totally up to the pregnant woman herself, and how dare you call your pregnant daughter-in-law less than an animal?

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nexx said...

HUHU.. apsal ler i takleh nak view gambar yer?

jUliANa^sAlLeh said...

tue la..aku pown blur nieyh...kdg2 kua..kdg2 xkua..but ltak kat fb ade.. :(