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Girl’s Day reveals their dorm

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Five member rookie girl group Girl’s Day recently released a music video and will soon be making their comeback performance with a powerful dance for their track titled “Nothing Lasts Forever.” Although their outfits, makeup, and choreography were upgraded to exude a stronger, more modern feel, the members’ trademark bright and cute personalities remained the same.

The members stated, “We were pretty bad before, we hope that people watch over our improvements this time around.”

Reporters from Sports Chosun were recently able to visit their dorm. The members showed no signs of surprise, this being their second visit, and welcomed the reporters into their home.

What do the girls do in their dorms? One member answered, “We sometimes come home at 3 AM and wake up again at 10 AM. The only thing we do in our dorm is sleep.

Upon looking around, one can discover chicken coupons and other various fast food menus around the kitchen. The refrigerator consists of a variety of side dishes, drinks, and diet foods. What was even more shocking was the menus that were tacked to the refrigerator. Filled with chicken, rice cakes, ramen, and chicken, every food item that’s usually banned for girl groups were a mere phone call away. However, the members don’t have personal cell phones and revealed that they must use their manager’s phone or a public phone in order to order food.

But their love for late night snacks brought about some consequences, the most shocking being a random pervert they met on their way to the snack shop in their neighborhood.

Jihae stated, “I went to the snack shop with Minah in order to make a call. Some drunken old man kept staring at us, but I didn’t think much of it. He was waiting by the door no matter where we went. We got so scared that we just ran away the minute he looked away.”

Eventually, Yura had to go out and buy chicken for the group once the two returned empty handed.

Yura stated, “I’m good at managing myself. I even tie my toes together because I heard that it strengthens your abs while you sleep. I try to hold back when the rest of the members order late night snacks by playing on the computer. It makes me really miserable because of the delicious smell.

The girls were wearing comfortable clothes with minimal makeup while claiming that this was the first time they had males over in their dorms.

Although their dorm isn’t large, it’s decorated to fit their cute charm. The room with the most light are the bedrooms, used by Jihae, Minah along with new members Yura and Hyeri. Leader Sojin has her own dedicated room.

Their dorm is cluttered with a variety of different makeup as well, some that didn’t even look like they were opened yet.

Due to the departure of two members and the recent gaining of two members, the change had to be obviously reflected in their dorm. Their dorm consists of two rooms and one bathroom.

Previously, Sojin, Jihae, Minah, and Ji-In used one room while their manager used the other room. With the addition of the new members, the oldest, Sojin, moved to the manager’s room, while the remaining four use the main bedroom with two bunk beds.

Regarding the sudden leave of their roommates, Sojin stated, “Their empty space felt extremely big. We didn’t notice it at first, but after seeing their empty clothes hangers, their empty beds… It became really difficult. But they’re happy about their decision to leave so it’s all right. I know that they feel the same way we do.”

Then how are the new members adjusting? Yura stated, “We were worried over whether we’d be able to get along but there’s really no conflict. We respect one another and try to listen to everyone’s opinions. There are no set rules but we try to clean at least once a month, do our own laundry, and not touch the others’ belongings without permission. You have to have basic manners in order to live a good dorm life.”

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