Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sandara Park confesses to using butt padding in Taeyang’s MV

mmg nampak sexy pon Sandara lam vid tue kan..i olls mcm pewiiittttt minah nie..skali die upe2nye pakai padding jeks..hihi..ade eks butt padding???hoho..leh la i olls carik nak pki kan???kes kes kes.. :P ayah i olls dulu suke ckp buruk@huduh if i olls pki jeans..die ckp tadek butt..skang???ckp lagik???hahahaha..gelak besor!!!!lao di ckp camtue g i olls nak p beli la padding butt nie..sandaraaaaaaa...katne ade jual???? :P hihihi

but i loike sbb die confess.. :)

Apparently 2NE1’s cute member, Sandara Park, had a lot to say regarding Big Bang member Taeyang, as she revealed a secret about filming for his MV, in addition to her previous confession of being frustrated over his random childish moments (jokingly).

On her guest appearance at SBS Strong Heart, Sandara revealed the secret to her great looking voluptuous body in Taeyang’s I Need a Girl MV, as she confessed, “At the time, I was trying to match the concept of being Taeyang’s partner, so I prepared my own little secret. The secret was butt padding.” The female idol apparently debated between her pride or achieving a great looking body and in the end, decided to wear butt padding to look great.

Thankfully, no one noticed Sandara’s little secret and YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk, complimented Sandara by saying, “Sandara your body looks good today. This is the first time I noticed that you could pull off the sexy look.” Although in the end, none of the YG family members found out about Sandara’s butt padding, the female idol stated that there were several dangerous moments. For example, during the scene where Taeyang had to pretend to play the piano on Sandara’s belly, the Big Bang member asked, “Sandara noona why is your belly so hard?”, to which Sandara passed off, “Every girl’s belly is normally hard.”

The 2NE1 member then concluded by saying that this is the first time she confessed to using butt padding to her YG family members and sent a message to them saying, “Taeyang I’m sorry. I did it to look good in your MV and everyone in YG family! That day my body was fake!”, causing the guest members to break out in laughter.

**thanks alkpop!!!!