Wednesday, November 10, 2010

4minute’s HyunA and Sohyun join Twitter

mrk berdua sudah ade twitter..jadik sape2 yg ade twitter tue mehla follow diorg joms.. :) lagik cpt dpt story n pic.. :) hiks..mcm jujue rajin nak translate..kikiki :P hiks..but mehla meramaikan... :) they olls nie kdg2 follow kite balik..hihihihi...ngeee~*

4minute’s HyunA and Sohyun joined the growing list of Korean celebrities with Twitter accounts.

Yesterday, HyunA and Sohyun made their personal Twitter accounts under the names @4M_hyunah and @4M_sohyeon, respectively. Today, Sohyun uploaded a couple cute selcas to her account. She posted,

Nothing’s changed ㅜHyunA insists that I lost weight because I was sick ke ke throwing pictures before going to my schedules!!!

In one of the pictures, the two are seen pouting their lips and making cute expressions showing their innocent smiles. There has been a hot response from netizens saying, “The two are so cute” and “They have the appearance that I would want for a younger sister.

HyunA recently released her collaboration trackTogether Forever” with labelmate G.NA and will return to Korea with the rest of 4minute for their comeback later this month.

**thanks alkpop!! :)