Friday, November 19, 2010

Hwang Bo does the bohemian look for ‘Elle Girl’

walaupun die pnh 'kahwin' ngan Hyun Joong dlm WGM..tapikan i olls suke die sbb muke die len..xmacam korean gurl yg len..hiks... :) stylo!!! :)

In a recent photoshoot with ‘Elle Girl‘, Hwang Bo was styled with the free-flowing bohemian concept, and the results are certainly stunning.

The request for the photoshoot came from two students who are fans of Hwang Bo’s show, Bosom Buddies” (or literally “Arms Around Shoulders“).

The students, who are planning to be stylists in the future, sent in their bohemian concept to the show, and it was decided that they would use the looks in an actual photoshoot.

The full pictorial will be available online through Elle Girl Korea’s official site next month in December.

Check out some of the photos below: