Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong wins the ‘Best Dresser Award’

agagagaga~* die mmg encem..sbb tue die leh menang best dresser award!!!! :) ngeeeeee~* lovx!!!!!windu kamo!!!!comic books yg i olls bagi u bace x???translate x???hiks.. :) kamoooo mmg ensem+ kinyut melampaula!!!!biler mao dtg umah i olls plaks??hiks.. :P

*mood sakit perot sbb xmakan..jadik jujue sengal alam buana.. :P*

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong is known for both his swoon-worthy looks and his tasteful style, but was recently granted an award which entrenched his reputation.The multi-talented entertainer won the ‘Best Dresser Award’ from the ‘2010 Sky Perfect TV Awards‘, hosted in Tokyo on November 10th.

Upon receiving this honor, Kim Hyun Joong expressed his utmost feelings of gratitude and happiness.


**thanks alkpop!!! :)