Monday, September 27, 2010

SS501’s Park Jung Min to take on Asia

da cheerful Jung Min..

i olls ingat lagi mase SS501 fan meeting dkt Malaysia dulu ade sorg akk nie cubit pp Jung Min..hehe..kiut je kan??? :) waaaaaa....nape bukan Hyun Joong???windu die!!!!!! :(

SS501’s Park Jung Min will be making a 2 day 3 night visit to Taiwan on September 29th.

He already visited Japan on the 16th in order to contract with Yamaha Music Entertainment. His official visit to Taiwan will release detailed information regarding his activities all across Asia.

On the 27th, his agency revealed, “His Korean and Japanese activities are near finalization. His visit to Taiwan will be to meet our partner, Comic-Ritz, and to create a more detailed schedule of his activities in not only Taiwan but China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam as well.”

Park Jung Min will also be opening an official homepage for his fans by mid-October and is set to release more news regarding his official activities on the 30th in Taiwan.

**thanks alkpop!!!