Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Leeteuk and Park Shin Hye, the DJ couple?

On a recent broadcast of MBC’s Come To Play, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk suggested to Park Shin Hye that they should work together as radio DJs.

Park Shin Hye revealed, ‘I had an experience being a radio DJ once, but it was very difficult. Super Junior’s radio show was after mine, and it was really good… I also dream of being a radio DJ. I want to know Leeteuk’s tricks of the trade.

Leeteuk cleverly responded with, ‘It’s hard, but if you work with me, it’ll be easy.’

When asked about Eunhyuk, who is currently working as a radio DJ with him, Leeteuk expressed, ‘It’s time for him to quit‘, which aroused much laughter in the studio.

Do you think Leeteuk and Park Shin Hye would be good DJs together?

**thanks alkpop!!