Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Donghae is a Queen’s Guard

i olls..(urghhh..apekah??hohoho :P)..sengal nye macik..hahaha..but he looks definitely CUTE!!!how can i resist dat kind of cuteness..hikss.. :P

cyian die tido camtu.. :( mmg r saket leher kowt..lao i olls da stock xleh lurus da pale tue..huhu..patah twus..waaaaa..nak i olls urutkan leher???buh ubat meh.. (agagagaga..GEDIK!!hahaha.. :P)

On September 8th via Twitter, Super Junior’s Donghae updated his account with a photo of himself dressed up as a Queen’s Guard.

Along with the photo, it was commented, “No wonder my neck hurts. It’s because I was sleeping like this!! Good Morning!! Have a good day!! ELF.

As seen in the photo, Donghae is sleeping with his red outfit of a Queen’s Guard along with the black bearskin. With his head tilted sideways against the sofa, it looks as if the heavy hat is pressuring onto his neck.

Fans who have seen the photo replied back things such as, “The way you sleep is lovely,” “The hat looks very heavy. Be careful of your neck!” and “It looks very British.

**thanks alkpop!! :)