Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Bang sends out a Chuseok message to fans

da lame x tgk TOP..lalala~* kinyut jeks die..mate tue mahal k!!! :)

Big Bang recently reached out to their fans via LG Cyon Optimus, with a message wishing everyone a happy Chuseok.

Unfortunately as there are no subs available, we have instead provided a transcription of the group’s message below.

Hello everyone we’re Big BANG!

Daesung: Yes, Chuseok is finally here! We hope you eat lots of songpyeon and give us lots of love.

T.O.P: We hope you spend a good time with your family and friends for this year’s Chuseok, and this time out of our members, Seungri will be traveling down to his hometown to celebrate.

Seunrgi: Yes, for Chuseok this year I think I’ll be going down to my hometown to spend time with my family and eat delicious food, and spend a really good time with my family. Ji Yong hyung, what will you be doing?

G.D: I will be spending time with our fans.

Seunrgi: Booo..

G.D: I hope everyone spends a good time with your families…

Taeyang: And we hope you have a rich harvest!

We’re Big BANG!

Seungri: Have a good harvest!

thanks alkpop!!!