Tuesday, September 7, 2010

‘Playful Kiss’ earns $333,915 in just two episodes

hoho..banyaks gaks eks dapat??hihi..i olls xsempat2 lagik tgk..kepenatan..huhu..pas lik keje salu da xlarat nak nonton..weekend plaks diisi ngan ke'date'an..huhu :P *wink*..but my sis da tgk da (tadek sub lagik la..huhu) die ckp..n da cite was exactly like Taiwan 1..huhu..and she said BEST!!!xtaola kan sbb we olls dedua giler HJ..hahaha :P so, dunt aspect somethin bad from our comment r!!!mwahahahaha... :P its CUTE DEFINITELY!!! hiks..confirmla kan..tennis is sweet!!esp if its HJ!!!hiks.. :P lalala~*

but betol jugak..heard rumors yg xrmi tgk cite nie..huhu :( sadddddd..sbb they olls attract more to Gumiho..waaaaaa..tue r sal nye rate die kurang sket.. :'( i olls kene tgk nie..baru kasik nek rating kan..aja aja!! :)

lao KBS kan best!!mst rating tinggi..MBC sshla..tuka station skunk!!!!huhu :(

MBC’s new mini drama series, Playful Kiss, earned approximately $333,915 in advertisement earnings in just two broadcasts.

A 15-second advertisement in the Playful Kiss time slot costs $13,485. Within two days, the drama has managed to sell 29 advertisement slots for a total of $333,915. Could it be that the corporations were banking on Kim Hyunjoong’s appeal? While that may certainly be the case, a representative of MBC revealed, “The viewer ratings may have been low but we sold a lot in advertisements. It’s circumstantial evidence that the drama is worth the attention.”

However, there are also representatives that are of the opinion that ‘Playful Kiss’ didn’t bring in nearly as much as anticipated. ‘Playful Kiss’ can sell 28 different advertisement slots per episode, as it is a 70-minute drama. SBS’s My Girlfriend the Nine Tailed Fox, which airs at the same time as ‘Playful Kiss’, completely sold out their first episode broadcast. With Playful Kiss only selling 50% out of the total, many believe that SBS achieved a better result.

Source: Korean Journal

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