Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Secret’s thoughts on their “Madonna” success

Secret has returned with “Madonna” in order to become primadonnas of the music industry. Although they’re just a year into their debut, and with three singles under their belt, “Madonna” has been topping music charts and achieving great results.

They may be tagged with the rookie title, but “Madonna” has managed to keep hold of their #1 rank for two weeks in a row on major music charts such as Dosirak and Monkey3.

JiEun expressed, “It’s amazing. We sometimes wonder if it’s really our rank, but also feel thankful that a lot of people are listening to ‘Madonna.‘”

Hyosung went on to state, “We get asked how it feels to be #1 a lot. Our goal for this album was to rank #1, but now that it has finally happened, we really can’t believe it. I think we need a trophy to be able to truly feel our rank (laughter).”

When asked on the changes they made for “Madonna,” Hyosung commented on her purple hair and stated, “We dieted in order to be able to show a more womanly image. Thanks to the diet, we’re also able to pull off outfits with a lot more exposure.” She then seriously expressed, “I think we’ve also gotten a lot deeper while preparing for ‘Madonna.’ It allowed us to prioritize what we needed to do in the future in order to do well.”

JiEun revealed what Secret went through to create their own style by stating, “There’s a lot of people saying that ‘Madonna’ is similar to ‘Magic.’ However, if you listen to it closely, the melody lines aren’t the same. I think it came out sounding the same because we tried to emphasize Secret’s style. We always thought that we didn’t have a unique color to us, but I think this album allowed us to find one.”

As the interview concluded, the girls were asked what they would like to say to their fans.

Sunhwa stated, “I’m thankful to our fans for trusting us from the start and supporting us all the way. We’ll be working hard in order to keep that trust. We’ll be consistent, never lose our rookie mindsets, and never become big-headed.

JiEun stated, “The people around us tell us to ignore hateful replies, but I think what I see is different from what they see. Every criticism is helpful to me.

Leader Hyosung concluded with, “I’m thankful to our fans for always looking out for us. I hope that the fans continue to watch us with feelings of raising a child.”

Source: Seoul News NTN

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