Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BoA closes her Twitter because of SHINee fans?

ayarks..taktao nak ckp cane..aritue pon BoA ckp nak ttp twitter sbb fan Heechul..n skunk sbb SHINee plaks..huhu..sabar jekla eks..huhu..jgn penting tamao gado2 k.. :)


BoA was recently caught up in a controversy with SHINee fans for “spoiling SHINee’s comeback” through her Twitter, causing her to eventually set her Twitter account to private on September 29th.

On the 26th, BoA tweeted, “Inkigayo has come to an end, and Chuseok has come to an end. Next week is our shining SHINee’s comeback! I won’t be lonely in the waiting rooms anymore.”

The problem lies in that SHINee fans were displeased with BoA spoiling the release of SHINee’s repackaged album and comeback date. Various community sites began spreading rumors that SHINee’s comeback date was set earlier than planned due to BoA’s spoiler, causing her to receive many hateful replies from netizens.

On the 28th, BoA attempted to clarify the situation by tweeting, “You know that our company won’t just change SHINee’s comeback date because of my tweet, right? I tweeted it in support of the members, and articles regarding their comeback were released today as well.

Despite BoA’s clarification, SHINee fans did not stop their attacks, causing BoA to eventually set her account to private.

Netizens expressed their disappointment in the situation by stating, “BoA loves Twitter, did you really have to go as far as to make her close it?” “Are you guys happy now?” and “They’re just supporting each other, why are the fans so angry?

**thanks alkpop!! :)