Monday, June 7, 2010

'You can win it, boys': Prince William gives England football squad words of encouragement from 5,600 miles away

alamaks..cane nieyh??my lovely baby nie sokong England..hoho..(mmg la macik..da die tue bakal waris throne..ang luper kew??huhu)..uishh..dakla lupe..just sbb biasela..nak kasi harmoni hubungan tue kene variety..kang dedue same2 sokong England atau German cno??huhu..(giler perasan!!! *dush dush dush*..sile ketok pale i yeks Mr. Ir. Z..hoho.. :P) hehe..alamak..suda lame tidak ketemuan ini mamat..(Willie r..Mr. Ir Z baru jek jmpe smlm)..hoho..ang nie mao mane satu??emmmmm..sume mao leyh??hiks..(Mr. Ir. Z jangan mara tao..hiks..lalala~*) hoh!!gedik!!!dah2!!!

back to da story yeks..hehe..semangat kan Willie i??giler arh..siap chat tru video link ag..nak kasiksemangat kat team members..yek r..kan capt da injured..hoho (go German!!huhu.. :P) hiks..kene bek lik..kang kene usir kua istana kang..huhu *DUSH!!* r..nak kasi jadik host for 2018 t!!!wahhh..lao jadik mst ade muke i olls kan..Willie mst ajak i olls..(howkay!!sile muntah!!!hehehe)..

k..tamao cite manyak..nah i olls kasi berita yg i olls dpt dr Willie.. :P

England’s World Cup team has received the Royal seal of approval from Prince William, who chatted to the squad in South Africa via a video link – and told them they had what it takes to win the tournament.

Prince William talked with the players for 15 minutes just hours after they received the devastating news that a knee injury had ruled captain Rio Ferdinand out of the competition, which starts on Friday.

During the conversation, the Prince also declared that Britain could win the race to host the World Cup in 2018.

Support: Prince William shares a joke with some of the squad over the video link
*thomey2!! wink*

William, a keen football fan, talked to Wayne Rooney, manager Fabio Capello, new skipper Steven Gerrard and former captain John Terry.

Ferdinand tore his left knee medial ligaments during the team’s first full-scale training session at their camp in Rustenburg.

The Prince, who spoke to the squad from London, said afterwards: ‘Des­pite Rio’s injury, which is a disappointment for him and the England team, morale is high.’

William will be cheering England on from much closer quarters when he and Prince Harry attend their game against Algeria in Cape Town on Friday, June 18, as part of their first joint overseas tour.

Aston Villa fan William, president of the Football Association, will also use his visit to South Africa to promote England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup.

On Friday he was taken on a tour of FA offices at Wembley and briefed on the progress of the 2018 bid.

England will learn if they will host their first World Cup since 1966 at a meeting in Zurich in December.

Prince William talked with the players just hours after they received the devastating news that a knee injury had ruled Rio Ferdinand out of the competition

William said: ‘All the staff at ­Wembley and the players and management in South Africa are working so hard to make this a successful year for English football.

‘It could be a year of amazing achievement on and off the field. We could win the World Cup and the World Cup vote. It will be tough but it is do-able. Winning both would be a huge boost to the whole country, and the whole country is behind them.’

FA general secretary Alex Horne said: ‘Prince William’s visit was a real morale boost for everyone at the FA. The England players and management really appreciated his support.’

England 2018 chief executive Andy Anson said: ‘Prince William is one of our most important advocates and is totally committed to bringing the World Cup to England.’

hoho..tapi kan yang..lao pasal bola..i ttp sokong German..sbb kan abg ipar u si Klose kat German..u lupe eks??u kene sokong tao..xpe..senyap2 t i xgtao sape2..lalalala~* (sile ase mao muntah ijau mcm shrek..huhu).. :P Go German!!14 to 20 June nie kat Dominos dpt free gelas German..jgn sape2 abis kan!!!!Mr. Ir. Z....jmmmmm!! :) hiks..ehhhh..dahla 20th June nie beday Willie..cano nieyh??huhu..ayarks..ssh tol!!!mwahahaha (bajet feymes!! :P) huks..bek i olls stop g makan..bile lapo nie otak jadik sengalz...daaaaaaaaa