Tuesday, May 25, 2010

reSPect k!!

i've been going through lots of difficulties to come ere..its not easy as i have to bear the hardship nearly 4 years..i just dunt want to hurt anybody esp dat person but i always..its not on purpose..its my emotion that influence everything..its just what i wanted for the whole life..but ppl always try to take it away from me..

just let me feel happy k..respect me..even though u didnt know me, but pliss do..its just i've never done something bad/wrong to u..and i do didnt know u either..but for godforsaken pleaseeeeeeeee let everything go..tlgla..janganla kacau..kata2 tue doa..if da dkt 20 org ckp mao xjadik kenyataan??yupssss..im really down n emo rite now..its just i hate it!!!sbb i xkaco die pon..why on earth die mst nak kaco i??pay some respect la..

pastue plisss dont disturb everything dat going smooth k..jgnla nak dok kaco2..nie hari2 mst ade nak ngaco...wut on earth are u thinking??da terang lagik nak bersuluh..bace r n tgk r betol2..install dlm2..bengang tao!!!ingat i tadek perasaan??plisssla..if u were on my shoes, wut r u gonna do??samela cm wut i do kan..its just we olls xpenah wat camnie..we tried to make everybody happy..jage jgn ade org terase..but u who didnt know me wat xnampak jek kan..nak sh besar kan lagik ke my name??penatlaaaaaaaaaa.....menyampah!!!penat n sakit pale tao x!!!plus streeeessss melampau!!!

try to mess with me and see wut wud happen k..sabar ade batasan k..esk2 lao da xsabar nasibla kan.. *BASKETBALL*