Friday, May 21, 2010

Football = Adidas?

huh..sume org tao kowt..Adidas nie salah satu product sukan.. (lao tatao meh ikowt i olls ronda shopping complex..huhu), Adidas nie merangkumi sume bende..dari kasut, baju, bola hinggala barang penjagaan badan.. (manyak gks kan??baru tao.. :P)

the best thing..sbb world cup da nak start nie..Adidas is one of their partners!!da only for sports equipment k!!yay!!so..means that Adidas nie mukan sebarangan la kan..haaaaaa..seriously!!but if u do review lik, kat world cup 87% was monopolized by Adidas.. :) xcaye??meh i olls bawak g tour eks..lalala~* wahhhh..(Mr. Ir. Z, i olls da terre aw sports nieyh skunk..u salu ckp i buta sukan.. :P) hiks..
the important thing in football mstla bola r..if tadek bola cne??huhu (sengals)..and the cute thing is that official match ball of FIFA is Adidas Jabulani.. (cute kn?? pon ade terms cute ke??yerp!!all with me..hahaha) see..its Adidas again.. :) not just dat..Adidas was were concerned dlm pemilihan name bole tu..the Jabulani means be happy..

*Adidas Jabulani~*

men bola kene pki kasut kan??so kasut pon mstla penting lam FIFA nieyh kan..kenela pi kasut yg bagus so that player can play well.yek r..nak menang meh!!and as i knoe, rmi yg ckp dat Nike n Adidas are really good in sports equipment..but, they actually good in their different field..mcm Nike, they r really good in basketball shoes..yups..i xsangkal sbb i knoe mase skool dulu team basketball skolah i olls 90% are wearing Nike..its like mcm contest kasut sape plg cantek n mahai..huhu..lalala~* but i dooooooo like watching it..hihiks..(kn da melalut smpi basketball dah, i olls ase i xleyh diberi peluang bercakap la..bahye!!huhu :P) n in the other hands, Adidas was reeelllyyy good in Football thingy..yupsie doopsie..just look jek kat kasut Adidas yg plg classic which is Copa Mundial..dah lame kan??its good!!

*Copa Mundial~*

Jersey!!kompemla amik Adidas kan!!mcm my fave team..lalala~* German absolutely wearing Adidas jersey..kan chanteks n kinyut jek jersey tue.. :)

Adidas have extended its sponsorship with FIFA Nntok World Cup smpi 2014 and da deal worth $351 million..weeeeeee~* (kasik sket wat i olls belanje mst bagus..huhu)..Adidas will get priority access to TV and stadium advertising..mmg la kan..da kater u olls da jadik partners kenela pandai2 nak kasik income nek kan..haiyo..mst boss syng giler t nie..hehe..The agreement comes as no surprise as Adidas has been FIFA's partner since 1970 and the firm has been keen to expand its soccer activities to fend off increasing competition from sector giant Nike and German rival Puma..giler lame kan??sgttttt kentang la bley stay lame2 tue..its means that Adidas have shown their best so that ppl dont want to change it!!tol x??lalalala~* Adidas saw a double-digit rise in sales of goods from endorsement deals in Asia after the Bavarian firm sponsored the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, where Brazil beat Germany in the final. The 2010 World Cup will be held in South Africa, while the venue of the 2014 tournament has still to be decided..ini sgtttttla kompemkan..da kate sme pki brg Adidas..mmg akan jadik pon mst nak same ngan idols masing2 kan..weeee...untung2!!pandai wat untung la u nie cik Adidas..hehehe :P bravo2!! :) lalala~*

so..mmg lao org kate fotball mst kate Adidas.. *wink* :) lalalala~*

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