Wednesday, April 14, 2010

...Sweetheart from Hell...

i want this book..

its cute tho..

read it lil while we've been waiting for movie to start..

and im falling in love with it!!

but at that time i didnt have enough money n when i come back for it, i just didnt find it anywhere.. :(

can u imagine u got everything from ur Bf until he's become ur hubby.. he proposed u in a glamorous boutique in NYC and he hung the proposal at the new edition of handbag *that u and other gurls out there been dreaming all nite long*...owhhhhhh..its soooooo damn romantic!!!and yet u wanna divorced with him as he didnt try to look for ur lipsticks when it rolled down while the plane is take off.. *its a limited edition lipstick* and u didnt even bother as he said he would buy u a whole set of new branded make up *didnt remember what kind of brand he promise*..dush dush dush!!what a stupid woman!!hahaha..i think its hilarious..wanna read it!!!want!!!where can i get it??

did anyone see it??