Thursday, April 1, 2010

~~FUNny piCturE~~

Holla!!No more contest today..think i've done it all (huhu..berlagak pulak.. :P lalalal)..huhu..know any exciting contest??let me know ya.. :) sementare tue lets check out some funny pictures.. :) anak2 mat salleh nie sume comey2kan??pastue pandai2 jek diorg kan..macam2 diorg wat..jom kte g tgk meh.. :)
*excitednyeeeee..blushing die..heheh*
if ever they can talk like this..hehehe

* impressed..kecik2 dah bace playboy??anak sapela nieyh..mst daddy die xsimpan bwh katil lekloks nie..huhu erkssss*

*urghh..mommy!!!saye nak wat braces..huhu*
but do i looks cute with this teeth?? :P

*watch me!!im good k!!*

*my new tricycle..sape nak??i nak kasi free jek nieyh...huhu*

*cantek macam model x kaki i??*

*nyummylicious!!!it taste good??wanna try it??*

*mao??sedap!!Ade mustard!!*

*which 1 u like??*

wanna more??click page nie ye --> funnypics..


P/S: credit pic to :)