Friday, February 11, 2011

Super Junior’s Leeteuk injures pinky finger, requires 6 weeks in cast

sian Leeteuk kan..jari pon cenonit (kecik) na..hehehe..patutla senang nak patah, retak, injured sume..huhuhu..mcm jari i olls jeks sekali tgk..hahaha :P

kalau die pinky finger..kite ape pulak eks??hohoho :P

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has revealed that his pinky finger was injured during the recording of MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight“.

On February 1st, the members took part in a tile breaking game, but unfortunately for Leeteuk, his hand slipped midway, leading to a fracture on his pinky finger.

On the 11th, the singer alerted fans to his condition by tweeting, “I only found out about the finger fracture two days after the recording~ I thought it was bearable~ keke They should’ve given me a smaller finger cast from the start~ It’s really clean, I like it a lot. Bone, please stick fast! keke”

A representative of SM Entertainment further added, “His hand slipped while recording for a show, and after experiencing pain, he went to the hospital. There’s a slight fracture in his pinky finger, so he received the appropriate treatment. It will take about six weeks for the bone to completely heal, and he will remain in a cast until then.”

Fans commented, “Working too hard can also become a problem,” and “I like the program, but please think of your body first!”

kocik nyo la hai jariiiiiiii~* :P ekekeke

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nexx said...

yeah.. nak lagi cite pasal super junior please.. nak heechul hehe :p

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