Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong and "Henecia". :)

nak joinnnn~~~~* i olls dah p dah kat websites tue..smlm takleh bukak..dok berharap la refresh bebanyak kali kan..tapi nan hadooo~..huhu..pastue pagi tadik try lagik bukak nye..YEAY berjaye!!!!tapikannnn...kannnn...nak masuk kene bayar..sampai US$40... :( kedekutnyeeee kooooo Jujue!!!!hahaha..bukanla...lagik pon mcm tak paham lorrr..ade 1 area la..2 area la..3 area la..apew tue..adessss~* tak abis khatam lagik ngko nie..hahahah... :P takpe..last is 15th May..so boleh paham kan lagik eks.. :) sape2 yg paham tue let me knoe eks.. :)

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong has announced that the official name for his new fanclub will be “Henecia“!

KeyEast Entertainment opened a fanclub naming contest for fans to submit their suggestions to. Over 500 names were submitted, and fans were asked to vote for a final three. Kim Hyun Joong then chose his favorite out of the three and revealed that it was “Henecia”, a combination of the letter ‘H’ from his name, and the Latin term ‘benecia‘, which means ‘blessed’.

Through his official homepage, KeyEast wrote, “We will now be taking members for ‘Henecia’, the new fanclub that’ll promote alongside Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album.”

The fanclub was created under Kim Hyun Joong’s hopes of communicating more directly with his fans during his upcoming solo debut. Membership is open to not only Korean fans, but international fans as well, and various benefits will be handed out.

Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album is currently scheduled for release in the beginning of June.

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hahaks... jue Kompom join henecia...
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kim hyun joong >_____<

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